Day 1  (4 pm – 10pm)

After Registration participants will have Vegan Lunch  with Green Raw Juice to power up for the productive evening.   Live Blood Analysis workshop with Brian that will address following questions : Acid/Alkaline diet, how to monitor your pH level, green drinks to balance your blood pH. Followed by Evening Meditation.

→ Live Blood Analysis workshop
Evening Meditation

*Green Juices and Wheat Grass served between each activity.

Day 2 (9 am – 9pm)

Juice Fast starts. You will invite your day with yoga and pranayama on the beach. After having your super power green juice Katrina will introduce you to The miracle of fasting where not just benefits, but beyond them will be revealed.  After having relaxing massage and chakra healing, you will meet Dr. Steven Jones to learn “E4”  the way of interacting with others.  Now you get some free time to enjoy yourself reading, resting, or using sauna. You will finish the day with the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, followed by group meditation and chanting.

Miracle of Fasting – Healing Your Body, Mind, and Spirit.
Dr. Steven Jones  – “E4”  the way of interacting with others
“Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”

Day 3 (9 am – 9pm) Today (after your morning yoga and green juice of course) you will discover ancient Coconut Cures and how to prevent and treat common health problems with Coconut Oil. You will have a couple of hours to get your massage, acupuncture, and colonic. You will meet Judi, food addiction coach. Judi will teach how to leave your live without obsessing over food.   You will finish the day with the Group Sound Healing Journey, Later that night Damien,  sound alchemic, will take us on an unforgettable journey of sound healing,  dismantling the limitations of childhood conditionings, allowing you to live a new kind of life, free from the core dynamics of human suffering, followed by group  meditation .
Coconut Cures – Preventing and Treating Common Health Problems with Coconut Oil.
→ Food Addiction – Judi Menzez

→ Group Sound Healing Journey

Day 4 (9 am – 9pm) You will learn everything about Heavy Metal Detox , “Silver” and “Mercury” amalgams, followed by Ionic Foot Bath to promote heavy metals detoxification. Anna will teach you in a fun and engaging workshop how to Detox Your Home/Environment and will give you her secrets how to make inexpensive natural household cleaners. After watching a documentary  “Cancer is Curable, Dr Burzhynsky”, we will close the evening with healing meditation.Heavy Metal Detox – Mercury Amalgams – Time Bomb in Your Mouth
Detox Your Home/Environment – Toxic –Free Everyday Products
“Cancer is Curable, Dr Burzhynsky”
Day 5 (9 am – 9pm)This day will bring you giant step forward to your ultimate health goal! Debbie will reveal the shocking truth about  Parasites. You will learn how to get rid of “unwanted guests” and how to protect yourself from contracting them. You will have a couple of hours to get your massage, acupuncture, and colonic. At 4 pm you will start Liver/Gallbladder Flush! We promise you, you will be AMAZED by the results you’ll get!
Parasites – You have more “friends” than you think.
Amazing Liver/Gallbladder Flush
Day 6 (9 am – 9pm)You will be amazed with the energy level and clarity of your mind after the flush. After your morning beach yoga, green drinks, and wheatgrass, Anna will engaged you in a fun workshop how to Make Your Own Skin/Body Care Products (natural and cruelty-free). Then you will enjoy your daily treatments like hot stone massage, sauna, reflexology, aromatherapy, and reiki. You will be introduced to the controversial topic Chem Trails – Myth or Reality,  and will learn how to protect yourself and your family. Evening documentary will be “Under our skin”. You will get a couple of hours to enjoy your daily treatments and rituals, which you will acquire  during your journey at Health Mastery Retreat, followed by Health MasteryParty! Yes, we will party like no one’s watching! Our chef will make delicious nutritious meals, and our barrista will mix the healthiest cocktails ever – Green Goddess, High on Life, Pure Bliss, and others.
→ Breaking the Fast
Chem Trails – Myth or Reality- How to protect Yourself.
“Under our skin”
Day 7  (9am – 4pm) You will enjoy your fresh raw vegan breakfast after your morning beach yoga and meditation. You will get a couple of hours to enjoy your daily treatments and rituals, which you will acquire  during your journey at Health Mastery Retreat.
*Participants will invite each day with morning Yoga and close evening with  Meditation.*Free Time  – Swim, Read, Meditate, Relax, Rebound, Sauna, Steam Room.

♦ Bonus Workshops:

Group 5 Rhythms® Movement Meditation

Guest Speakers


* Lectures, workshop, practitioners, and location are subject to change without any notice.