What You Get

Health Mastery is the only all-inclusive Health Retreat. 

The rates of all degenerative diseases in this country are increasing. We have more asthma, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression, arthritis, allergies, digestive disorders, and obesity than ever before in history.

Health is not something that can be bought with an insurance policy. If hospitals and drugs could give us better health, we’d already be better. That is why Health Mastery designed an ultimate health program, where in just 7-days you will rebuild your foundation of health, energy and vitality.

You will get yourself into your ultimate, peak condition and learn the principles of health that will transform your life forever. You will leave Health Mastery feeling more energetic and rejuvenated than you have in years… with the tools needed maintain and keep the momentum.

Health is the  most pivotal area of your life. If you can master this driving force, you will have the power to literally transform the rest of your life. Lasting energy is what ultimately will enable you to accomplish absolutely anything.

During your 7 day Health Mastery journey you will experience following treatments:

Acupuncture •  Chiropractic adjustments •  Hyperthermia • Treatment • Energy Healing  • Juice Fast • Live Blood Analysis • Heavy Metal  Chelation • Colon therapyCoffee Enemas  • Ionic Foot Bath • Korean Sauna • Aroma Therapy • Yoga • Healing Meditation • Sound Healing • Reiki •  Massage • Cranial sacral Therapy  • Rebounding • Health Lectures • Health Workshops • Private Coaching

If you follow Health Mastery program like your life depends upon it, it will be life changing. Such cleanses and treatments have been life-transforming, even for people with the most serious conditions. The healthy body rejects any and all disease conditions. The body heals itself from the inside out, and yours is no exception.

If you are ready to push your body into doing something that medical doctors say are impossible, if you are ready to make your body the most aggressive, powerful and effective self- healing machine possible – Click the REGISTER NOW button to secure your spot at our 7-day life-changing program.