I recently participated in the Health Mastery Retreat with Katrina Starzynskaya in LaJolla, CA.

This experience was amazing for me.
Not only did I thoroughly enjoy all the delicious juices that were prepared daily for me, I found Katrina’s passion for heath and wellness and her own personal journey extremely inspiring.
She truly cares about educating people and puts her entire heart into the cleanse and retreat.
I loved all the treatments that included body massage, acupuncture, chakra healing and reflexology.
We also had incredible speakers come in to talk to us about the importance of following an Alkaline Diet, how to use and benefit from essential oils, cope with addiction, as well as participate in exercises that helped to do important inner healing work.
We started our day with healing yoga at the beach with a morning meditation that truly set the intention for the day.
A few added benefits were the tibetan bowl mini-concert that literally put me into a trance, and attending the sound movement therapy dance class to truly let go and be free.
During the week I noticed how fully present, calm, clear headed and focused I was.
I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who needs to detox and be in a very nurturing and friendly environment.
Thanks Katrina for the re-boot!

Debbie Siebers, Creator of “Slim-in-6” for Beachbody

About 6  months ago I was suffering the worst case of Candida imaginable! I  had to drag myself out of bed every morning.   My joints were so sore and inflamed, and pain was unbearable.  My stomach was so bloated my waist couldn’t fit in many of my jeans and it distended a good 5 inches circumference and gave me “artificial love handles.” I had really bad body odor. Worst of all, my extreme FATIGUE had gotten to the point where I felt like I was literally dyeing! I was tired of the doctors telling me there was nothing wrong with me and getting negative test results back. I knew there was something wrong with me! I didn’t have ANY energy to work at a job anymore! Until one day I stumbled upon Katrina Starzhynskaya’s story how she healed herself of Lyme Disease.  I followed Katrina’s plan of strict sugar-free diet, coconut oil, green drinks, deparasitation, hyperthermia (and other treatments, that I never knew existed).

I easily kicked my cigarette habit, all coffee, all sodas, white flour, and alcohol. I also started drinking fresh green juice with “LIVE” enzymes, which is repairing the years of damage I did to myself.  So far I feel the best since my teens.   Joseph M., Clear Water, Fl


I have suffered with Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Chemical Sensitivity, Heavy Metal Toxicity and other illnesses for years. I have been working with Katrina Starzhynskaya’s for the past 8 month and now I have a healthier life with more energy than I can remember. Finally I have discovered what was making me sick, and how to eliminate the root cause of my problems. My doctors told me I would never be well. I have detoxified my body from toxic build-up and heavy metals, rebuilt my immune system, and gained Spirituality all due to Katrina’s guidance. Katrina Starzhynskaya’s system has made me well. Following this healthy life style really works and gives me encouragement to stay healthy forever.   Jonathan D, Chicago


I was going through a rough transition in my life when I had my first session with Renee. I have seen a lot of healers and she by far was one of the most powerful. I literally felt like I had stuff being lifted off of me. I also had this strange vision and was going in and out of consciousness. Before I even asked about her it, Renee confirmed what I had experienced and told me that she did a lot of work to clear my energy field. The experience was phenomenal. It gave me the strength and clarity to move forward powerfully in my transition. I absolutely recommend working with Renee. She is a god-send. A miracle worker. An angel of light.   Tanya Paluso

I have been suffering with allergies for as long as I can remember. Western medical doctors were increasing the dose of steroids which were little of help to my condition. I became a client of Katrina Starzhynskaya in June 2010. Katrina explained to me that allergies caused by chronic inflammation in my body were due to poor nutritional absorbance, sluggish colon, and highly toxic liver.  I  radically changed my diet, went on a 14-day juice fast, cleaned my colon,  and performed  15 liver flushes in 12 month period. All allergies are gone and I can eat anything I want to and play with my mom’s cat! My energy level is incredibly high, and overall sense of well being is prevalent! Thank you Katrina! Melissa S, Columbus, OH

 Since working with Renee, I have experienced profound changes. I sought her out because I was unable to move forward because of a sadness from a recent break-up which hovered over me like a black cloud. After 6 months of near depression, I sought Renee out and what has happened has been pretty miraculous. She shifted my energy in a way that I felt a palpable improvement almost immediately. It was if I could feel her magic hands shooing away the bad energy from my break-up. Once that energy was cleared out, we started aligning me with energy to strengthen my career intentions and my clients have been increasing at a quick pace. After one conversation with Renee, one receives concise advice and insight into ways that will only improve your life. Renee always comes from a place of deep love and is incredibly empathetic and always cheering you on. Her follow-through is amazing as well. She sent me a detailed email of what she worked on and her interpretation always amazes me.                                    Female Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA

While wanting to reverse my multiple diseases and regain my health, I found something else occurring as I followed Katrina Starzhynskaya’s guidance. I have never though that emotional distress in my life was one of the reasons for my chronic illnesses. After addressing the cleanse, nutritional, and therapeutic guidelines Katrina gave me, I am healthier in my body , mind and spirit, then I have been in years!
Noel M, Morristown, New Jersey




Although I didn’t know what to expect, I entered the REST session with an open mind. From the very first sound vibration, I felt my entire being penetrated by a level of healing I had never experienced before. As Richard’s sound healing proceeded, I noticed areas of my body and mind (that had previously given me difficulty) that initially seemed resistant to the process.

As I brought my awareness to these areas that Richard was working on and allowed them to release, I experienced their dissolution, with warmth and love remaining in their place. Little by little, as the treatment progressed, I found my mind and body completely letting go, and it became an exercise profoundly  experienced by my very soul. Toward the end of the session, it felt like all the obstructions I was aware of had been resolved, and I experienced myself as being one with the healing, pulsing vibration that emanated from Richard’s powerful energy and his sound instruments. I left the session rejuvenated and relaxed, and that sensation has remained with me since.”   With immense gratitude, Randine Lewis, MSOM, Ph.D., L.Ac. author of The Infertility Cure, and The Way of the Fertile Soul, www.TheFertileSoul.com

There is so much more to a healthy lifestyle than exercise and diet. Anna opened my eyes to what is possible and how I can get so much more out of life! Her information is spot on, her enthusiasm is contagious, but it is her heart and sense of conviction that is so captivating and inspiring. Put her on your team now and you will never be the same!” – Mark LeBlanc, Author of Growing Your Business and Never Be the Same, President of Small Business Success

Dearest Angel Anna!  Thank you again for saving my life and preventing illness. I know your intuition is more accurate than any medical device and you allow it to flow through to help those around you. You are a gift, a pleasure and a dream friend. Xxxxxx

Julie Lynn Schmitz, Real Estate Investor